Trump lawyer: Joe and Hunter Biden have ‘relevant evidence’ for impeachment trial

Trump lawyer: Joe and Hunter Biden have ‘relevant evidence’ for impeachment trial , A member of President Trump’s defense team says ,

That former Vice President Joe Biden   and son Hunter Biden have “relevant evidence”    ,

“If your big contention here is that there was an improper motive by President Trump in pursuing this conversation with  . President Zelensky relative to the investigation of the Bidens, “And after all, who’s the defendant on trial in this matter? The president. He’s entitled to a defense. It’s a rather odd concept to say, ‘Oh no, no, no. You can’t present a defense with regard to the Bidens. That’s irrelevant.’ Really?

Ray’s comments could be viewed as a warning to Senate Democrats that, if they open the door to witnesses, the president’s defense team could make the trial uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing for the current Democratic frontrunner in this year’s presidential campaign.

Moreover, Republicans have already argued that the grounds for calling the Bidens, or at least talking more about them, became even stronger late Thursday when one of the House managers,

Sylvia Garcia, D-Texas, argued on the Senate floor that even Hunter Biden — who has already expressed regret for taking a high-paying post on the board of a Ukrainian energy company while his father was the Obama administration’s point man on Ukrainian policy — did “nothing wrong.”

Still, it is far from clear whether any witnesses will appear in the Senate trial. When Trump’s defense lawyers start presenting their case on Saturday,

They will argue that no witnesses are needed because the allegations at the heart of the case simply don’t rise to the level that justifies removing the president from office, Ray said.

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