Trump, lawyers won’t participate in upcoming impeachment hearing

Trump, lawyers won’t participate in upcoming impeachment hearing . President Donald Trump and his lawyers will not participate in Wednesday’s impeachment hearing in the House Judiciary Committee,

According to a letter from the White House to the committee obtained “As for the hearing scheduled for December 4, The president tweeted on Saturday that he will be representing the United States at NATO during the scheduled hearing.

The Judiciary Committee will afford the President a fair process through additional hearings. More importantly, an invitation to an academic discussion with law professors does not begin to provide the President with any semblance of a fair process. Accordingly,

The absence of White House participation follows weeks of vocal protests from the president and Republicans in Congress, “I will be representing our Country in London at NATO, while the Democrats are holding the most ridiculous Impeachment hearings in history.

Read the Transcripts, NOTHING was done or said wrong! The Radical Left is undercutting our Country. Hearings scheduled on same dates as NATO!” Trump said on Twitter.

The Judiciary Committee has yet to decide on how many hearings it will have or if it will call fact witnesses. Nadler, D-N.Y., gave the White House a deadline of 6 p.m. Sunday to tell the committee if they plan to participate in ,

Wednesday’s hearing, after inviting the president and his counsel to attend  Nadler also wrote a separate letter to the White House asking them to alert the committee by 5 p.m. Friday about whether they plan to present a defense or participate at all in the committee’s impeachment proceedings.

Following weeks of depositions behind closed doors and public hearings with witnesses to Trump’s alleged actions on Ukraine, members of the House Intelligence Committee will be able to view  ,

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