Trump proclaims his campaign rallies ‘very safe’ from coronavirus

Trump proclaims his campaign rallies ‘very safe’ from coronavirus , President Trump said Monday that campaign rallies like the one he had planned for later that evening in Charlotte, N.C., are “very safe.”

“Well, these were set up a long time ago and others are,” Trump told reporters. “You could ask that to the Democrats because they’re having a lot of rallies. They’re all having rallies. That’s what they’re doing. They’re campaigning.”

Asked whether he was worried about whether large gatherings were safe, the president replied: “I think it’s very safe.” Despite Trump’s assurances at a White House news conference on Feb. 27 that the number of coronavirus cases in the United States was “going very substantially down, not up,”

The tally of those infected has continued to rise. As of Monday morning, 87 U.S. citizens had been diagnosed with the coronavirus and six people had died from it, all in Washington state.

“The risk that all of us will become infected is increasing,” Jeffrey Duchin, MD, Seattle and King County health officer for public health, said at a Monday news conference. While Duchin said that his office was “not recommending ,

Widespread cancellation of large gatherings,” he noted that those at higher risk “should avoid” them. Health experts warn that the highly contagious virus can be spread through droplets in the air when an infected person sneezes or coughs. With the presidential race nearing Super Tuesday,

Candidates have fanned out across the country, shaking hands and holding rallies with thousands of supporters. As the virus has spread to more than 60 countries around the world, infecting nearly 90,000 and killing over 3,000, dozens of large events have been canceled. In the United States,

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