Trump proposes overhauling legal immigration for vanguard news

Trump proposes overhauling legal immigration for vanguard news ,

The changes to the United States immigration system announced by President Trump on Thursday amount to a Sweeping overhaul of the legal immigration process, intended to prioritize highly skilled workers over immigrants with family-based ties.

Currently, immigrants with family living in the United States have priority and represent the largest number of green card recipients. Highly skilled workers with employer sponsorships make up just 12 percent of newly granted legal permanent residents each year.

Trump’s proposal seeks to radically change those proportions, by giving nearly 60 percent of annual green card grants to immigrants with special skills or offers of employment.

Trump said on Thursday that his new plan would “prioritize the immediate family of new Americans, spouses and children, loved ones you choose to build a life with … they go right to the front of the line where they should be.”

The other part of the proposal would enhance border security, cracking down on illegal immigration and drug smuggling, and imposing further restrictions on the asylum system.

“This is the big, beautiful, bold plan, but we need something we can get done very quickly,” he said. Reactions to Trump’s proposal were less than enthusiastic.

“This is especially important because the proposal is not really a legislative vehicle,” he wrote, but rather “more of a campaign platform, outlining the official Republican approach to immigration.” In that case, he argued,

In a statement to Yahoo News ahead of Thursday’s speech, Matthew Tragesser, a spokesperson for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR, which also favors less immigration, approved of some features of the plan,

Neil Bradley, executive vice president and chief policy officer for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,

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