Trump Shares Letter Saying White House Protesters Are ‘Terrorists’

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Trump Shares Letter Saying White House Protesters Are ‘Terrorists’ The chairman’s conclusion to get the this document and its shocking form of Americans practicing their constitutional rights does as he continues to lay into his strongman approach to the current demonstrations .

On Monday , he announced himself “the chairman of law and rule” as that quiet protesters but outside the white building gates were scattered with gasoline, flashing bangs and rubber bullets, apparently so he could visit a nearby church . The period we discovered that trump had himself ordered that medical document used during his race, and as his white home doctor exited in shame,

Doubts surfaced about right to accurate information about trump’s health another broken norm. that was another period beset by resignations, attacks on our foundations and norms, and our beliefs. The hour after Giuliani’s bombshell  revelation, trump signed the executive order in the national time of prayer eliminating the boundary between religious groups and authorities.

Trump’s department of homeland safety has researched surveillance code and social media testing that would be applied to profile Muslims and different minorities . in February , the DHS established the national vetting centre to distinguish terrorists and outlaws , which has also voced alerts about surveillance .

Former white home country security advisor tom Bossert opposed trump’s message , telling on adc’s “the period” that there’s no relation between white patriotism and the Islamic state terrorist group, “which was a much larger , more organized threat to which we dedicate trillions of dollars in the worldwide campaign to lessen the effect of force.”

White house officials asserted trump’s support message in the letter to Washington hill after the meeting sun with senior congressional aides headed by VP Mike Pence in the white house complex yielded little progress. The text from office of administration  and budget acting director Russell uought sought for the “ metal barrier on the southwest edge.”

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