Trump should be impeached Democratic candidates for trump news today

Trump should be impeached Democratic candidates for trump news today traded barbs and attacks but agreed Democrats clashed over taxes,

health care and the direction of the party during a fast-paced debate in Atlanta on Wednesday,

But the candidates agreed on the need to impeach President Donald Trump. Capitol Hill, the candidates were immediately asked about the president and the bombshell testimony from Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union,

That Trump news today had created a “quid pro quo” scenario with Ukraine.“We have a criminal in the White House,” Kalama Harris said. “The president felt free to break the law again and again and again and ,

That is what has happened with Ukraine,” Elizabeth Warren argued. “We have to establish the principle (that) no one is above the law.” Trump has always cast a long shadow over the debates, but it was particularly true Wednesday as Americans continued to process hours of lengthy testimony delving into the ins and outs of Trump’s Ukraine scandal.

“We cannot simply be consumed by Donald Trump because if we are, you know what? We’re going to lose the election,” Bernie Sanders said. The debate came during what is potentially a reshuffling of the field,

As Pete Buttigieg has surged in Iowa polling and the candidates have confronted the possibility of new challengers Deval Patrick, the former Massachusetts governor, is in the race but was not on stage .Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering a bid and is ready to spend millions.

There were few direct attacks on him during the first hour, and, at one point, On taxes, Warren began by touting her two-cent on the dollar tax on assets over $50 million. “I’m tired of freeloading billionaires,” Warren said. Booker criticized the plan, calling it “cumbersome.”

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