Trump wants his next press secretary to be a cable news ‘street fighter’

Trump wants his next press secretary to be a cable news ‘street fighter’

With Sarah Sanders on her way out of the White House, President Trump is looking for a new press secretary and, as usual, he has his eye on cable news.

Multiple sources in the president’s orbit told Yahoo News that Trump’s vision for Sanders’s replacement doesn’t

involve returning to traditional White House press briefings.

Instead, the sources said the president is looking for an aggressive defender to make regular television appearances. He also seems settled on having a woman fill the role:

The list of top contenders to take the position is filled with five women who have on-air experience.

“This is about how you can take control of the news cycle and represent the president. … What Trump ultimately wants as the press secretary is someone who’s going to be a loyalist and an attack dog to go out there and defend him,” one source close to the president said.

Multiple sources named five women who are in the running for the press secretary. Stephanie Grisham, who has served as the primary spokeswoman for first lady Melania Trump, topped the list. Grisham did not respond to requests for comment.

The sources were divided on whether Grisham would be open to moving from Melania Trump’s office to the West Wing; however, there was a consensus that the job was hers for the taking.

“They haven’t had a briefing in 90-something days. It might be another 90 days. … This isn’t about a job at the podium,” the source close to the president said.

Trump is a devoted cable news watcher who focuses on how he’s portrayed on television. So his ideal press secretary, a former campaign staffer said,

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