Trump will sign spending bill but end-run Congress to build wall

Trump will sign spending bill but end-run Congress to build wall .

President Trump will sign the bipartisan funding bill pending in Congress and then declare a national emergency to build the border wall, the White House announced Thursday afternoon.

That was the course of action recommended by Fox anchor and informal Trump adviser Sean Hannity, who on Monday denounced the funding bill as a “garbage compromise” but later said it was acceptable if coupled with an emergency declaration. “This is the time. That is a necessity,” Hannity said. “Trump keeps his promises. I predict he’ll find a way to get the money to build the wall,” he tweeted Wednesday morning.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who announced the plan on the Senate floor shortly before the White

House confirmed it, said he had spoken to Trump and “indicated to him that I’m going to support the national

emergency declaration.”

But Ann Coulter, the conservative provocateur whose opposition helped persuade the president to kill an earlier

compromise deal, leading to the five-week government shutdown that ended last month,

Was not as pleased.“There’s no coming back from this,” she said. “No ‘emergency’ or presidential powers will allow him to build the wall, ever, after he signs this bill. Trump has just agreed to fully open borders.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in brief remarks after the White House announcement warned that a future Democratic president could use the precedent of declaring a national emergency for other purposes, such as gun control, citing the anniversary of the Parkland, Fla., mass shooting that left 17 dead.

“Because if the president can declare an emergency on something that he’s created as an emergency, an illusion he wants to convey,

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