Trump’s bottom line from Ukraine: ‘Investigations, Biden and Clinton’

Trump’s bottom line from Ukraine: ‘Investigations, Biden and Clinton’ In testimony released Thursday by House Democrats, a high-ranking State Department .Said he understood President Trump’s bottom-line demand of Ukraine was statement that included three key words: “investigations, Biden and Clinton.”

House Democrats made Kent’s testimony public on Thursday. In the transcript, Kent expanded on the messaging that Trump wanted Sondland to convey to Ukrainian officials. “This was the Gordon Sondland messaging of what the Ukrainians need to say in shorthand, 2016.

Kent testified that he created memos of the conversations he had witnessed relating to a quid pro quo sought by the White House the restoration of military aid and better U.S. relations in exchange for an investigation,

Or the public announcement of an investigation, that Trump believed would help his reelection campaign. “I wrote a note to the file saying that I had concerns that there was an effort to initiate politically ,

Motivated prosecutions that were injurious to the rule of law, both in Ukraine and the U.S.,” Kent told House members. He also described the role that Giuliani played in attempting to secure an investigation in Kiev into Biden and Clinton,

Which entailed a campaign to oust Marie Yovanovitch, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, whom Giuliani considered an impediment. Giuliani “had been carrying on a campaign for several months full of lies,” Kent testified,

Adding that the president’s lawyer’s “assertions and allegations against former Ambassador Yovanovitch were without basis, untrue, period.” As an example, Kent recounted an assertion that Yovanovitch was connected to liberal philanthropist George Soros, a claim he called “fake news.” Kent was also critical of Joe Biden’s son Hunter, whose business dealings in Ukraine were one of the predicates .

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