Trump’s Efforts to Remove the Disloyal Heightens Unease Across His Administration

Trump’s Efforts to Remove the Disloyal Heightens Unease Across His Administration ,In some of the most critical corners of the Trump administration, officials show up for work now never entirely sure ,

Who will be there by the end of the evening — themselves included. Even for an administration that has been a revolving door since Day 1, this has become a season of turmoil.

At a moment when first-term presidents are typically seeking a stable team to focus on their reelection, President Donald Trump has embarked on a systematic attempt to sweep out officials perceived to be disloyal.

The headquarters of the nation’s intelligence apparatus roiled with the ouster of acting director Joseph Maguire and his replacement by a sharp partisan amid a dispute over Russian election interference.

The Justice Department remained on edge with whispers of further resignations, including perhaps even that of Attorney General William Barr, after the president’s intervention in a case involving one of his friends. And Johnny McEntee, a 29-year-old loyalist just installed to take over the Office of Presidential Personnel, reporting directly to Trump,

Has ordered a freeze on all political appointments across the government.He also convened a meeting to instruct departments to search for people not devoted to

The president so they can be removed, according to people briefed about the session, and informed colleagues that he planned to tell Cabinet secretaries that the White House would be choosing their deputies from now on.

“Trump appears to be launching the biggest assault on the nation’s civil service system since the 1883 Pendleton Act ended the spoils system,” said Paul Light, a New York University professor who has studied presidential personnel.

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