Trump’s plan to attend March for Life sends clear signal to evangelicals

Trump’s plan to attend March for Life sends clear signal to evangelicals  , If there was ever any doubt whether religious ,

Conservatives will stick with President Trump and there really wasn’t — it went away this week when the president announced he would be the first president to attend the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

For nearly half a century, huge crowds of anti-abortion activists have thronged to Washington each January to march from the White House Ellipse to the U.S. Every year, the anti-abortion crowd and its advocates have complained that the news media ignored their efforts.

And every year, until now, Trump did that the past two years, though he did show more support than normal by sending Vice President Mike Pence, an evangelical Christian. The marchers gathered on the National Mall or the Ellipse watching the president’s message on a video screen could turn their head  ,

During many of the marches, the president was traveling, perhaps intentionally so the press couldn’t ask that very same question. But marchers didn’t necessarily know the president’s itinerary; they knew only that he wasn’t there.

Trump’s announcement provoked both excitement and latent resentment at past pro-life presidents.“It’s great that Trump is speaking at the March For Life.

It’s amazing that the Republican presidents before him hid in the White House and refused to come out and acknowledge the thousands of pro-lifers right outside their door. Shameful cowardice,” tweeted Matt Walsh, a conservative author and speaker.

It is likely true that past Republican presidents took support from religious conservatives for granted to some degree. But one former adviser to President George W. Bush told Yahoo News that he did not attend because the White House wanted the focus on the marchers themselves  .

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