Trump’s Right About One Thing: There’s a Double Standard for vanguard news

Trump’s Right About One Thing: There’s a Double Standard for vanguard news ,

For two years now, President Trump has promoted the narrative that he has been singled out for persecution by the

special counsel and by his political opponents.

The Mueller probe, he has vented, is a form of “Presidential Harassment,” a “Witch Hunt” aimed at unseating “your

favorite President.” In the president’s apparent view, no other person—and certainly no other president—would have

been treated so harshly.In the wake of the Mueller Report, and Trump’s exoneration by Attorney General Barr, it is now clear that the truth is exactly the opposite:

No other person—and no other president—could have escaped prosecution for obstruction of justice, or at least

impeachment, on facts like these.

Let’s start with what separates Donald J. Trump from almost everyone else: He is the president. For Bob Mueller, Trump’s status as president gave Trump a double leg-up: First, under Department of Justice guidance, Mueller could not indict the president so long as he remains in office.

To that extent, of course, Trump was treated like any other sitting president elected since the issuance of the original Office of Legal Counsel memo. But Mueller took that immunity a critical (and, in my view, mistaken) step further:

Barr, of course, had auditioned for his current job by writing a memo contending that the entire suite of offenses

identified by Mueller could never constitute obstruction, given the scope of the president’s Article II powers.

Barr has also contended that the absence of an underlying offense—here, the failure to find that Trump actually “colluded” with the Russians in destabilizing the 2016 election—is an important reason to reject any obstruction charge.

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