Trump’s salt and pepper shakers tower over everyone else’s. Obama, Bush, and Clinton

Trump’s salt and pepper shakers tower over everyone else’s. Obama, Bush, and Clinton used the same size shakers as their guests.

President Donald Trump displays his power with firm handshakes, a second scoop of ice cream, and towering salt and pepper shakers. Mark Knoller, CBS News’ White House correspondent, pointed out how much bigger Trump’s shakers were in a tweet on Thursday.

Insider combed the photo archives and found that Trump more often than not gets much larger salt and pepper shakers than other foreign leaders or American politicians when dining at the White House. And we couldn’t find instances of Trump’s most recent predecessors using larger shakers than those of their guests.

The large shakers might just be because he enjoys salty foods like KFC chicken, Big Macs, and bacon and eggs. But it could also be another power move, alongside his fierce handshakes and bulky suits.

These photos show how much bigger Trump’s White House salt and pepper shakers usually are than everyone else’s, and how they compare to those of Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

To set the scene, we’ll start with Clinton. It appears he and Vice President Al Gore ate lunch with typical, nondescript salt and pepper shakers. Condiment equality continued with Bush. In 2005, he seasoned his food with the same size salt and pepper shakers as Condoleezza Rice, his secretary of state.

When Vice President Joe Biden joined Obama for lunch in the private dining room of the White House, the shakers were equal. But Obama was known for his regimented eating, so maybe bigger salt shakers weren’t a priority. In the one photo we could find of Obama dining in the Cabinet Room — where he and Clinton would usually have coffee or tea,

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