Trup unveils new,unsupported border slogan

Trup unveils new,unsupported border slogan . ‘Build a wall and crime will fall,

says Trump. But it’s been falling anyway. As the partial shutdown of the federal government drags on into its 33rd day over Donald Trump’s demand that Congress allocate $5.7 billion for a barrier along the U.S. border with Mexico, the president unveiled a new rhyming slogan Wednesday to try to convince more Americans of the logic of his proposal.

Trump, of course, has long blamed undocumented immigrants for higher crime rates in the United States.

“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists,” Trump said of Mexican immigrants as he kicked

off his his presidential campaign in 2015.

On Tuesday, before his slogan had taken final form, the president pushed its central claim.

But statistical data does not seem to back the president’s assertions, notwithstanding a handful of notorious crimes by immigrants that he mentions repeatedly in his speeches.

A 2018 study by the Cato Institute, for example, found that native-born U.S. residents are much more likely to be

convicted of a crime than immigrants in the country illegally.

A separate study published last March in the journal Criminology found that states with more undocumented immigrants have lower crime rates than those with fewer.

And crime has been falling steadily even without a wall. While the share of the foreign-born U.S. population rose from 7.9 percent to 13.1 percent between 1990 and 2013, FBI figures show the violent crime rate declined by 48 percent and property crime fell by 41 percent.

Of course, Trump’s claim of lower crime rates holds if one counts illegal immigration itself as a crime, but even that

has fallen significantly. Figures provided by the U.S.

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