Will televised Trump impeachment hearings convince Americans that he should

Will televised Trump impeachment hearings convince Americans that he should ,

After weeks of closed-door testimony, public impeachment proceedings against President Trump will begin Wednesday  But will they change public opinion?That’s certainly what Democrats are hoping. Nancy Pelosi and colleagues have carefully controlled the narrative that’s trickled out so far,

and the structure of the upcoming public hearings — sustained questioning from House Intelligence Committee lawyers .History suggests the answer lies in whether the televised phase of Trump’s impeachment process ends up looking more like ,

Richard Nixon’s or Bill Clinton’s. Since the initial Ukraine revelations America’s attitude toward Trump and impeachment has held remarkably steady. Right before the whistleblower news broke in late September about 51 percent of Americans opposed the general idea of impeachment,

According to FiveThirtyEight’s polling average; about 40 percent supported it. Within days, however, those numbers had flip-flopped, and for the past month, support has hovered between 48 and 50 percent ,while opposition has been stuck around 43 or 44 percent.

Yet hidden within those stats are more specific numbers that tell a larger story — and it’s a story Democrats will be trying to rewrite as they take their case to TV. When pollsters ask about impeachment, they tend to ask two kinds of questions: one,

Trump — the former would require a majority vote in the House; the latter would require a two-thirds vote in the Senate — has been significantly lower. As of today, for instance , only 47.2 percent support impeaching and/or removing Trump; 45 percent are opposed.

If Democrats can use televised hearings to persuade these voters to back impeachment and/or removal, they’ll have a majority of the country behind them. Over 51 nights between May and November 1973, millions of Americans flipped on their televisions at 8 p.m.

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